Acts of Kindness

Guild Focus of the Month (Sept. 2019)

Guild: The Lights Hope
Leaders: Edrillon & Moon Raven


Each month, we select one other guild on our server.  Our members seek out their members to offer them support.  We craft them helpful items, assist them with quests, guide them flight paths, support them in battle, offer a kind word, etc.  The possibilities are really endless.  Members can also mail their guild leader helpful items and let them distribute it.  The only rule we have is that we never give our coin.


Each member carries out this giving on their own and in their own chosen way.  You can share what you did in the Random Acts of Kindness forum section or at a guild meeting.  Hearing what you have done helps give other members ideas.


At the end of the month at the guild meeeting, Uriella will announce a new guild for the next month.  Remember, we want you to spread your kindness and charity all throughout the realm and not just to this guild.  However, chosing one guild can help us focus efforts and shows our family believes in supporting other groups/families. 


If you know of a guild you want to help or be the focus one month, let Uriella know.

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