Meetings - Last Saturday of the Month, 9pm realm time

Quesse is standing in the middle of the officers and patiently waits for everyone to settle in.

Greetings everyone!

As many of you heard by now, our guild leader Uriella has suddenly gone missing. *she waits for the statement to sink in.*

We do not know the events or conditions of her disappearance, only that we have lost all communications with her, and tracking her whereabouts so far has been unsuccessful.

In the meantime, the Guild still needs to move on, we will not continue leaderless. Uriella had elected an officer group for such a contingency. Till we know more, if there are no objections, I will step forward as the Guild Leader at this time. While I may not have the zeal our young leader did, I do see you all as my children. Except my mother, I think she would take offence to that. I will see to it that we do not lose our momentum, and we will march on together.

The officers have convened and we have no immediate plans to change the guild’s operations. We will maintain its vision and its mission as written in our charter. We will continue to hold events, meetings, gatherings and continue to show our benevolence to our allies as we have done so far.

An old teacher once told me that if something is not broken, then there is no need to fix it. Though I’m sure our gnome friends would add that there is always room for improvements. So, I will hand the floor over to you, our members, for any questions and suggestions you may have.

The following questions were asked: 

  • Who are the officers and what are their tasks? 
      Spring has stepped forward as Recruitment Officer. All other tasks, events are open to any officer or guild member willing to lead it. This allows for more flexibility, as it allows those who know they are going to be online the host the event and not put stress on the expectation of one person being available at all times
      Currently we have Spring and Kartijan who are officers. There are openings for two others who would be willing to share in tasks and duties.
  • Will this change the events?
       No, we will still hold guild events: Giving Tree, Weekly meetings, and I would like to see a repeat of the Fishing Event, perhapse in 2 weeks from the first one. 
  • What happened to Uriella?
       We still don't know, but there is at least one RP event planned for Sunday, Sept 29, for the Moonbrook and possibly Deadmines run. Reach out to Rivari for more info. 
  • Are there others missing?
       Yes, others seems to be missing, including Kerim and Faynt. We do ask that, should you decide to bow out of the guild (or the game for that matter), to please let an officer know to lessen the worry of the remaining guild members. We do worry for you who have become our family. 
  • Do we have any planned Guild Runs (areas, quests, dungeons)
       We have no regular planned guild runs. We would encourage our members to put out requests for such. If you have need of such an event, it can be arranged at that time. This will encourage more guild role play and interaction to get to know one another while having fun at the same time. :)
  • Do we have any Guild Awards to hand out this month?
       At this time, with the re-aranging of leadership, no Guild Awards were planned. But it was mentioned and supported that Faynt should be awarded in absentia for her donation of gold towards establishing the Guild Tabard. We will hold votes in the coming weeks for next months awards. 
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